The Core Range

Farmers Union harnesses the goodness and simplicity of three natural ingredients - milk, cream and cultures to create our deliciously simple yogurt. It’s so versatile, it goes with just about everything...

The + Crunch Range

Culture on the go™! Greek style yogurt with goodness you can see. With tasty inclusions and complete with a spoon inside, it’s the ultimate on the go snack!.

The Pouch Range

Squeeze a little culture into your day ™ with the perfect on-the-go snack. In four delicious flavours – Greek Style Yogurt with a hint of Vanilla, Greek Style Yogurt with a hint of Honey, Greek Style Yogurt with a hint of Coconut or try our All Natural Plain.

The Fruited Range

Our delicious Farmers Union Fruited Range combines delicious Greek Style Yogurt with real fruit to create the perfect snack!

The Culture Kitchen

Add A Little Culture™ to your kitchen with these delicious recipes!

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We proudly partner
with our Farmers

Here at Farmers Union, we know that our farmers are integral to our business and value them to the utmost degree. Together we deliver delicious dairy goodness to every Australian every day.

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