Good health starts in your gut!

Show your tastebuds and your gut some love with this protein yogurt containing prebiotics and probiotics!

Good gut health depends on many kinds of bacteria living and thriving in your gut(1).

These bacteria may be tiny, but they play a big role in our digestive and overall health. They can help to strengthen our immune system, help to absorb nutrients, produce serotonin (the happy hormone), maintain gut health and improve regularity(2-4).

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Farms Union Plus Range

A multi-benefit protein yogurt

Our Farmers Union Protein + Prebiotics combines prebiotics, probiotics and Australian cow’s milk to create a multi-benefit yogurt range that provides:

  • Dual gut health benefits^ – powered by prebiotics and probiotic BB-12®.
  • A source of eight essential nutrients naturally derived from milk – including 10g of protein in every 160g serve. Protein can help you feel fuller for longer^; and vitamin B12, that helps support your immune system.
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Farmers Union Protein + Prebiotics range of products

Love your guts and the good bugs that live there…

When you eat, the bacteria in your gut eat. To ensure these bacteria (the good bugs) flourish, feed them with prebiotics and fibre, and they’ll look after you!

Having probiotics can help as well, by adding to the population of good bugs in your gut.




Probiotics, Prebiotics and Fibre Probiotics, Prebiotics and Fibre

Probiotics Are Not
Just Any Bugs…


Not to be confused with yogurt cultures (the bacteria used to create yogurt from milk); probiotics are specific strains of good bacteria that provide a health benefit when consumed in adequate amounts(5).

Probiotics work in different ways; the health benefits depend on the strain.

One of the most well researched strains is B.lactis (BB-12®), which supports gut health by keeping you regular(5).

What are


Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that your good bugs eat(6).

Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) are prebiotics that have been shown to increase the number of good bugs (Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus spp) in your gut and therefore support your gut health(7).

And There’s More…

Download the factsheets for more information:

Prebiotics & Gut Health
Probiotics & Gut Health
How To Choose & Use A Probiotic
Practical Strategies To Beat Constipation

^ As part of a balanced diet: Probiotics B.Lactis (BB-12®) supports gut health by improving regularity; prebiotics help increase the good bugs in the gut; vitamin B12 supports immune function; and protein helps you feel fuller for longer compared to low protein foods.


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