Step 1

Prepare falafel balls by placing drained chickpeas together with the remaining falafel ball ingredients into the bowl of a food processor. Blend until smooth. Using a tablespoon, form mixture into balls and place onto a tray. Meanwhile, heat oil to 170°C in a wok or deep fryer and batch cook the falafel balls for 3-4 minutes, turning regularly until balls are dark brown and crispy. When cooked, transfer balls to a tray lined with absorbent paper. Continue until all the balls are cooked.

Step 2

Prepare Minted Yogurt Sauce. Combine all ingredients together in a small bowl and mix well. Season to taste using freshly ground black pepper and salt flakes.

Step 3

To assemble poke bowls, divide cabbage between 4 bowls. Arrange remaining ingredients in an attractive manner on top of the cabbage rotating the ingredients around the bowl. Finish bowl with a spoonful of Minted Yogurt Sauce and a sprinkle of mint leaves.