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Where is Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt made?

Our yogurt is made in Morwell, Victoria using fresh milk from Aussie cows. 

Is Greek Style yogurt good for you?

Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt harnesses the goodness of wholesome ingredients like milk, cream and cultures and can easily be included as part of a healthy, balanced diet. In fact, on average, we should be having three serves of dairy each day! Our yogurt contains high quality protein which is an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet. Generally, we should also aim to include other food groups as part of our healthy eating journey including whole grains and legumes, fruit and veggies, eggs, nuts and seeds along with lean meats and meat alternatives. People looking for specific health advice regarding their diet should speak with their healthcare professional.

What are your top three tips to incorporate Greek Style yogurt into a healthy, balanced diet?
  1. 1. Dollop – add a dollop of Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt to your favourite salad for a healthy, creamy dressing or on top of your tacos instead of sour cream.
  2. 2. Stir – Stir Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt into a delicious curry or vegetable soup.
  3. 3. Blend – Blend Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt with your favourite fruits for a delicious smoothie.
  4. 4. Dip – Greek Style Yoghurt is a great base for dips, try an avocado and yogurt dip with some veggie sticks as an easy snack.

For more inspiration head to our recipes page.

How many calories are in Greek Style yogurt?

The amount of calories in each of our Greek Style yogurts will vary. Because of this it’s best to refer to our products pages OR have a look at the side of the container the next time you pick some up from your local supermarket.

What if I am looking for a lighter option?

If you are looking for a lighter yogurt option, Farmers Union Light Greek Style Natural yogurt has 60% less fat than Farmers Union Greek Style Natural yogurt.

What can I substitute Greek Style yogurt for?

Greek Style yogurt is a wonderful substitute for many culinary ingredients including but not limited to:

  • Thickened cream
  • Sour cream
  • Coconut cream
  • Olive Oil in marinades

In the right recipe, sometimes even eggs!

How can Greek Style yogurt be used in cooking?

Our plain Greek Style yogurts are great for cooking. You can use 500g of our Farmers Union Greek Style yogurt in replacement of 6 large eggs, 500ml thickened cream, 500ml coconut cream or 500g sour cream, just to name a few. To see how this is done, check out our favourite Greek Style yogurt recipes.

Is there any added sugar in Greek Style yogurt?

There is no added sugar in any of our plain Greek Style yogurts. These include our:
Farmers Union Greek Style Natural Yogurt
Farmers Union Light Greek Style Natural Yogurt or;
Farmers Union Natural Pot Set Yogurt

Our fruited yoghurts do contain a small amount of added sugar – the amount varies slightly depending on flavour.

What does Greek Style yogurt taste like?

We are extremely proud of the signature tart taste of our plain Greek Style yogurt, which tastes delicious on its own and can add excitement to your home cooking too. If you are looking for a flavoured yogurt, we also have our signature Greek Style yogurt with a hint of vanilla bean in the 950g tub and a range of delicious flavoured yogurt pouches that are great for a snack at home or on the go.

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