This Avocado & Yogurt dip is perfect for when you have left over avocados you don't want to go bad. This snack is both rich in taste and packed with dairy goodness. Our dip is best served with fresh sourdough bread and veggie crackers. Our avo dip using Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt is ridiculously easy to make. We are sure anyone who tries this recipe will be as obsessed as we are! The combination of creamy Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt pairs perfectly with the creaminess of avocado to make a deliciously creamy & luscious dip.


Combine the avocado, Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt, lemon juice and chives in a small food processor.
Blend till smooth & combined. Season with salt & pepper.


Spoon the avocado mixture into a serving bowl.
To garnish swirl through yogurt. Sprinkle with chives and dukkah.


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